Position Change

The BAM Labs Position Change application enables care providers to easily record position changes, see the direction and duration since the last recorded position change and receive automated reminders for the next position change, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of care. Turn performance recording in the Position Change application provides data for analysis of turn quality and assists in creation of individualized, targeted staff training opportunities. A recent landmark study found that use of BAM Labs applications, including the Position Change application, resulted in an 85.4% decrease in development of new pressure ulcers and a four-fold improvement to 48% in turn compliance.

Motion and Bed Exit

The BAM Labs Motion and Bed Exit application provides bed exit notification within 1-2 seconds, allowing care providers the ability to respond immediately to avert potential falls. With the visible motion data record, care providers can see real-time motion in the bed, providing data on increased activity as a visual cue to check on residents. Individual bed exit patterns, in combination with motion indicators and alerts (on bed exit and entry) allow for proactive person-centered care planning, reducing the risk of falling.

Up and Active

Often times, persons with medical conditions stay in bed too long. The BAM Labs Up and Active application automatically tracks the duration of time someone spends in bed so care providers can observe and evaluate changing bed presence patterns as well as monitor the effects of interventions and improvements from rehabilitation programs.

Heart Rate Trends

The BAM Labs Heart Rate Trend application monitors and tracks heart rate trends while a person is in bed, resting or sleeping. The application’s easy to read reports can help a care provider identify changes in condition, see the impact of interventions with medications, monitor recovery from illness and track long-term trends in order to proactively identify potential health issues.

Respiration Rate Trends


The BAM Labs Respiration Rate Trend application monitors and tracks respiration rate trends while a person is in bed. As with the Heart Rate Trends application, the easy to read daily reports help a care provider see changes in conditions with respiration rate trends over time, providing additional data for interventions and assessments.

Sleep Analysis

The BAM Labs Sleep Analysis application monitors sleep quality and compares sleep duration, restlessness, nightly heart rate trends and respiration rate trends in the analysis of overall sleep quality. A nightly sleep score provides an easy to understand interpretation of sleep quality so care providers can identify potential sleep issues and assess the effects of sleep improvement interventions.