BAM Labs Completes Remote Upgrade of Smart Bed Technology Applications

New Release Includes First Cloud-Based Clinical Application to Validate Position Changes and Automate Turn Reporting

Campbell, CA, September 26, 2012 – BAM Labs™, the Silicon Valley creator of the Touch-free Life Care (“TLC”) Smart Bed system, has completed a major software upgrade for all Post-Acute and Acute healthcare customers nationwide.  The new release, which was done remotely without any intervention by customers, includes the nation’s first application to biometrically validate position changes through a secure cloud monitoring platform.  The release also includes directional position changes for pressure ulcer reduction, faster alerts for motion and bed exits to reduce falls, and a streamlined user interface with automated turn reporting for improved staff efficiency.    Healthcare facilities using the Position Change application report staff time savings of one hour per bed per day.

Validation of position changes and automated turn reporting supported through the cloud was a feature sought after by staff and administrators at Acute and Post-Acute facilities.  “Our distribution partners and their customers have been very supportive in identifying improvements to applications and even new features we can develop to help professional caregivers and their patients improve health outcomes, regardless of setting,” according to Steve Young, CTO of BAM Labs.  “In the spirit of innovation, we listen closely to our partners’ feedback for the seeds of potentially big ideas around clinical applications, and often for more practical ideas around staff efficiency and work flow.”

Position change validation is accomplished through BAM Labs’ cloud based Position Change application.  This application verifies motion in the bed within a user-defined time window, combined with staff pressing an icon on their mobile app or internet connected device indicating which direction they repositioned the patient.  This directional position change allows caregivers to automatically verify, record, report, and track the specific orientation of each patient position change – left, right, back, or refused.  Customers using the Position Change application report a 65% improvement in recorded position changes.

“We’ve drastically decreased our falls and improved our skin care program,” said Eric Mock, Administrator at Winter Park Care and Rehabilitation and a customer of Goodmark Medical, an authorized BAM Labs distribution partner.  “Since starting the Smart Bed program, we’ve had improved outcomes on those clients using the technology.  It took a couple weeks to gain valuable data which allowed us to trend daily movement patterns with each client.  With this data and the technical applications, we were able to develop custom programs to intervene before incidents could occur.”

Motion and bed exit alerts appear online and on mobile devices within seconds allowing staff to get to the bedside faster.  In fact, many facilities use the Motion and Bed Exit Application to watch for motion in advance of bed exits.  This can help reduce the likelihood of an unassisted bed exit, stopping a potential fall before it occurs.  Facilities using the Motion and Bed Exit application report having 43% fewer falls.

Other features added or improved in the new release include personalized mobile alerts with a variety of sounds and volume, hundreds of TLC Smart Bed systems can now run over even the slowest 256Kb/second broadband connection, enhanced administration and reporting to administer multiple accounts and facilities, support for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise security with LEAP or PEAP Authentication, and an enhanced mobile application home screen showing status and statistics on each patient on one scrollable screen.

The BAM Labs TLC Smart Bed System makes smart bed technology available and affordable for use by any healthcare facility or in the home – it costs just a few dollars a day. The BAM TLC System uses a touch-free pad placed under any bed mattress, which detects the person’s biometric signals and motion without attaching anything to the body. It transmits that data to BAM Labs’ secure cloud platform where it is analyzed for heart rate, breathing rate and movement. This data can be viewed on mobile devices and PCs or integrated with EHR systems to track health trends, manage chronic diseases, help prevents falls, reduce wound incidence, improve staff efficiency, inform rehabilitation programs and enable sleep analysis.

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BAM Labs, a Silicon Valley company founded by Apple veterans, is the leading innovator in smart bed technology. BAM Labs’ FDA-registered Touch-free Life Care (TLC) Smart Bed System and HIPAA-compliant cloud monitoring platform transforms any bed into a smart bed to inform, manage and improve health.  Benefits include reduced hospital readmissions, significant reduction in pressure ulcers, fall prevention, early indication of sleep disorders, and improved staff efficiency and work flow. BAM Labs processes over twenty million biometric signals every month.  Visit http://www.bamlabs.com or contactinfo@bamlabs.com

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