BAM Labs Continues to Drive Strong Growth in Smart Bed Technology Solutions for Both Consumer and Medical Markets

  • SLEEP NUMBER Announces Expansion of SleepIQ™ Technology, Powered by BAM Labs, Across Entire Product Line So Everyone Can Know Better Sleep SM
  • BAM Labs Increases Distribution Within the Medical Smart Bed Market, Clearly Demonstrating Positive Healthcare Results and Customer ROI

Silicon Valley, June 5, 2014 – BAM Labs®, the world’s leading provider of Smart Bed Technology™ solutions, today announced continued strong growth and expansion in its core consumer and medical businesses. The company expects its consumer business to benefit from the recent announcement by its partner, SLEEP NUMBER, which expanded the exclusive Sleep Number® SleepIQ™ technology across all Sleep Number® beds. A Queen Sleep Number® mattress with SleepIQ technology starts at $999.98, and is only available at one of the 450 Sleep Number® stores across the country.

Sleep Number, a sleep innovation leader whose mission is to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences, together with its partner BAM labs, is changing the way the world sleeps. BAM Labs’ Smart Bed Technology™ platform includes the company’s proprietary Touch-free Life Care™ (TLC) sensors, cloud-based monitoring, data analytic services and applications. SleepIQ technology works directly with Sleep Number’s proprietary DualAir™ technology to comprehensively track and monitor each person’s sleep through sensors that measure your average breathing rate, average heart rate and movements.

SleepIQ technology is the world’s first sleep innovation that provides consumers with knowledge about their sleep and the ability to improve their sleep quality using simple and intuitive sleep tracking. There’s nothing to wear or turn on – all you have to do is sleep. This knowledge provides insights and the ability to understand how adjustments to your daily routine and to your Sleep Number® setting will improve your sleep quality.

“Sleep Number’s expansion of its proprietary SleepIQ technology is a major milestone not only for BAM Labs, which developed the underlying technology, but also for smart beds overall,” said Richard Rifredi, co-founder and CEO of BAM Labs. “We are thrilled to be partnering with a leading sleep innovator like Sleep Number to bring the significant health and wellness benefits of smart beds to many more consumers on a nationwide basis. Our Smart Bed Technology is a lynchpin in the growing ‘Smart Home’ revolution. This will be one revolution that started in bed!”

“SleepIQ technology de-mystifies sleep and empowers our customers with knowledge to experience better sleep – and therefore improve their lives,” said Annie Bloomquist, senior vice president and chief product officer of Sleep Number. “SleepIQ, developed in collaboration with Bam Labs, is now available on all Sleep Number beds at every price point.”

BAM Labs Expands Presence in Medical Smart Beds Market
On the medical side of the business, BAM Labs has steadily increased the presence of its Smart Bed Technology solutions with a wide range of healthcare providers, including acute care hospitals and post-acute medical facilities such as skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers and hospice. In the past year,

BAM Labs has increased its total medical business to include access to over 4,500 hospitals and 12,000 long-term healthcare organizations.

BAM Labs’ FDA-registered Smart Bed Technology and HIPAA-compliant monitoring solutions address critical healthcare needs such as fall prevention and wound care, while improving staff efficiency. The company’s Smart Bed Technology has already been proven to deliver measureable improvements in reducing pressure ulcers (bed sores) and dangerous patient falls. In fact, a recent study by one of the largest providers of long term care showed that the BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology reduced incidence of pressure ulcers by 85.4%.

Equally important, medical facilities are reporting significant Return on Investment (ROI) by using BAM Labs’ Smart Bed Technology solutions to reduce pressure ulcers and patient falls. In a 6-month independent, evidence-based research study by a top 10 long term care provider, the ROI for installing Smart Bed Technology solutions from BAM Labs was 351% for moderate – high risk patients, and 254% for all patient risk profiles.

“We believe a smart bed should make sleep monitoring as easy as going to bed,” said Rifredi. “The true power of a BAM Labs smart bed is that it requires the user to do nothing. Our smart bed experience – whether for a consumer enjoying a great night’s sleep on a Sleep Number bed or a patient sleeping on a medical smart bed – is completely touch-free and non-intrusive. It works automatically, behind the scenes, requiring no interaction with the person who just wants a good night’s sleep without having to hook up to a bunch of intrusive wires and sensors.”

Rifredi highlighted a recent article from The Guardian, which reported that a high percentage of consumers who try “wearable” sensor-enabled devices – like fitness trackers and even digital watches – abandon them in relatively short order. The statistic was based on research from Endeavour Partners, which found that one-third of American consumers who have owned a wearable product stopped using it within six months.

“We spend a third of our lives in bed, so isn’t it about time that the sleeping experience tells us something useful about our health?” said Rifredi. “Things get really interesting when the simple act of sleeping produces information and data that we and our caregivers can use to take positive action to improve our health. And that’s exactly what smart beds powered by BAM Labs do right now for a rapidly growing universe of people.”

About BAM Labs
BAM Labs® is the leading innovator in Smart Bed Technology™. In the medical market, BAM Labs’ FDA registered Touch-free Life Care™ (TLC) smart bed sensor and HIPAA-compliant cloud monitoring platform transforms any bed into a smart bed to inform, manage and improve health. The BAM TLC smart bed solution is available through authorized distribution partners in the United States and Canada.

In the consumer/non-medical market, SleepIQ™ technology, powered by BAM labs, is only available with a Sleep Number® bed, which can only be purchased at a Sleep Number® store.

Visit http://www.bamlabs.com or contact info@bamlabs.com.

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