Smart Beds For Healthcare Providers


“With ground-breaking sensors that are always connected wirelessly and seamlessly to the cloud, the BAM Labs’ system captures hard-to-obtain data over long periods of time, without any thought or effort,” says Mike Hanson, vice president of Strategic Relationships and responsible for BAM Labs Medical Solutions. “BAM Labs data-driven system helps caregivers better manage health and wellness. With a long-term view of data and easy to understand trend reports, it makes it easier to recognize changes early.”



Tech companies continue to relocate and open up in San Jose, and the latest is smart bed technology creator BAM Labs, which just shifted its HQ from Campbell to downtown San Jose. The larger HQ at 111 W Saint John St is 13k SF and takes up the whole 12th floor. Founded by two Apple alumni and South Bay natives (Steve Young, who developed the groundbreaking PowerBook, and Rich Rifredi, who wrote its specs), BAM Labs turns any bed into a smart device for data-driven health management. The touchless technology captures data while people sleep, over long periods of time, and delivers information in plain English, making it easier to spot subtle trends.

Hospital bed manufacturers put the focus on infection control


Beyond the mattress, companies are introducing technology to help in pressure ulcer reduction, and this is where the “smart bed” comes in. As a start, the BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology gives caregivers the ability to provide individualized, patient-centered repositioning and then document that repositioning with the press of a button.

Sleep Number Transforms Bedtime for the Whole Family with the New SleepIQ Kids™ Bed


LAS VEGAS, Jan 06, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SLEEP NUMBER, a sleep innovation leader, today introduced the SleepIQ Kids™ bed at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the latest in a series of sleep innovations. A smart bed for smart kids, the SleepIQ Kids bed is the only bed in the world that adjusts with children as they grow. Using effortless technology, it combines individualized sleep knowledge and adjustability to empower parents and children to achieve their best possible sleep. There’s nothing to wear or turn on. All kids have to do is sleep.

Sleep Number’s new smart bed is for kids, can adjust as they grow


Engadget: Sleep Number brought the world the smart bed at CES 2014. And now, for kids! The SleepIQ Kids bed, however, isn’t simply a smaller iteration in primary colors. While it offers the same sleep monitor features of the SleepIQ bed for grown-ups, it also comes with some simple additions for parents to help gauge their kids’ sleep and adjust for firmness. There are also things like a monster detector. (Aww.)

Gold Award in High Tech/High Touch goes to Abramson Center for Jewish Life


The Polisher Researcher Institute of the Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life developed a new tool called the Match-Quality Indicator in order to help residents maximize their activities based on preferences. The project won it the Gold Award in the High Tech/High Touch category of the McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards.

The Silver Award went to Signature HealthCARE for its use of Smart Bed Technology made by Goodmark Medical and BAM Labs. The company also received a Certificate of Merit award in the Dignity category for this project.

Dignity Award Gold won by Archie Hendricks Sr. SNF


A skilled nursing facility that sits on a Native American reservation has taken Gold in the Dignity category for the third annual McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards.

Certificates of Merit were given to Signature HealthCARE for its use of Smart Bed Technology made through Goodmark Medical and BAM Labs, and Centers Health Care in New York, which used Point RF Solution’s NoWander management system.

Sleep Number partners with hospital sensor company for consumer smart bed


mobihealthnews: Mattress maker Sleep Number has announced a smart bed, called x12, in partnership with sleep tracker maker Bam Labs. Prices for the bed will start at $7,999.99, according to the company.

Bam Labs’ sleep tracker product has formerly only been used in hospital bed systems.