Intern: Cloud Development

Internship opportunity

An intern working as a cloud development engineer working within the backend team at BAM Labs would gain a strong first-hand experience in building a highly scalable and resilient connected devices systems architecture that support millions of devices using Internet of Everything (IoT). The cloud backend will support our mission critical medical applications to support an innovative solution for costly health care problems while also applying the same technology platform for consumer needs for care and comfort with the use of SleepIQ.

The internship position will report to lead engineer and will be 40 hours a week but can negotiable.

Your minimum requirements:

  • Currently enrolled as a junior or senior in an accredited college/university
  • Candidate for a BS in computer science, electrical engineering or related discipline
  • Skilled in Java programming language with some development experience
  • The candidate should be able to continue internship for 4 or more months
  • Strong verbal and written communication and team player qualities 

Additional qualifications, skills and experience

The ideal candidate would currently be enrolled as a junior or senior in an accredited college/university with the ability to learn new programming languages quickly and also have skills and experience in some of the following areas:

  • Knowledge of data structures and software architecture design methods and techniques
  • Strong familiarity of SQL and No-SQL databases
  • Strong familiarity with Windows, Linux operating systems as well as network technologies from a programmer’s perspective.
  • Strong knowledge on cloud computing, preferably used AWS
  • Strong experience in Java and some experience in Python and Scala
  • Some working experience in AWS or other cloud computing platforms
  • Familiar with software development process, strong Agile methodology understanding would be a plus 

Your Responsibilities:

  • Hands-on coding primarily in Java
  • Develop and supports scripts for building, deploying and configuring cloud applications
  • Documentation of business logic, code and scripts


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