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Graphic describing BAM Labs TLC Smart Bed System function and typical usage.  [ Download ]
The top chart shows how the TLC System processes and exchanges data with the sensor and BAM Labs cloud platform. The bottom chart illustrates how the pad is placed UNDER the mattress, not on top. The user sleeps directly on their existing mattress, not the sensor pad.

Product Overview BrochureDownload ] Brochure: General overview of product applications and usage.

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Case Studies and White Papers

  • Case Study:Freescale and BAM Labs® Enable Nonintrusive Health Monitoring
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  • The Smart Bed:The Ideal Platform for Improved Health and Better Care
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  • Marvell:BAM Labs and Marvell team up to produce cloud based health monitoring solution.
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  • Care Home By RNs:A pilot study conducted using BAM Labs’ Touch-free Life Care (TLC) System shows how the new smart bed system can prevent falls, reduce pressure sore wounds, and monitor medication compliance.
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Short video segments on BAM Labs product usage.