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Beyond Wearable Technology

BAM Labs and Sleep Number have created an easy, non intrusive way to score sleep, so that sleepers don’t have to put on straps, watches, bracelets or bands. Just go to bed! In the morning, sleep data is accessible from the bed side remote control, smart phone app or web browser.

“So while a big theme of this year’s CES gadget show in Vegas has been wearable technology, Sleep Number has decided to turn the concept somewhat on its head. Instead of wearing a gadget to bed — say on your wrist — the entire x12 bed itself acts as a sleep tracker, monitoring your heart rate and how often you move around during the night.”

—  Time Magazine


Know Better Sleep® with SleepIQ® Technology

BAM Labs is pleased to support the introduction of SleepIQ technology, only available with Sleep Number® beds. SleepIQ technology – a proprietary, touch-free, non-intrusive and intuitive technology was developed by Sleep Number and BAM Labs. Biometric sensors work directly with Sleep Number DualAir™ technology to monitor your average breathing rate, average heart rate and movement to track how you’re sleeping. A proprietary, full-body algorithm assesses quality of sleep and provides a SleepIQ® score for each sleep partner, every night.

SleepIQ user interface on various devicesSleepIQ technology tracks SleepIQ score trends over time and provides a simple and intuitive way to know more about your sleep. Best of all, it empowers you to achieve your best possible sleep, night after night.

And SleepIQ technology couldn’t be easier to use. There’s nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. So all you have to do is sleep.

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Kids SleepIQ


New SleepIQ Kids™ Bed

The SleepIQ Kids bed empowers parents and children with a combination of individualized sleep knowledge and adjustability, using effortless technology. There’s nothing to wear or turn on. The SleepIQ technology monitors presence in bed, average breathing, average heart rate and movement, using a full-body algorithm to assess quality of sleep, assigning a SleepIQ® score for each night’s sleep.

Parents and kids can monitor routines that affect sleep, such as exercise, caffeine and screen time; learn their child’s individual level of comfort and support of their bed (Sleep Number® setting); and make adjustments to give their kids quality sleep, helping them develop healthy sleep routines now and for life.